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TENT Aotearoa 4-7 Nov, 2021

The inaugural edition of TENT featured live exhibitions across the country and also online, and took place from Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 November across New Zealand.


"For the inaugural edition of TENT, mothermother presented FINGER PRICKS & CURSES.

Arthritic hands, clearing out the stash, boredom, changes in fashion, lack of time, death, or an inability to concentrate; all could be reasons for abandoned stitch works. These histories may never be revealed.

In early 19th Century Britain, embroidery was regarded as frivolous and quite unhealthy, as it requires many hours of sitting down and inner focus. We invite mothermother artists to pick up these discarded works, collaborate with an unknown crafter, and engage in excessive making and concentration, synthesising layered histories, one stitch at a time."
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