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The Insiders

“The Insiders” is a group exhibition featuring New Zealand and Australian based artists, Jane Reynolds, Caryline Boreham, Sarah Bultitude, Tori Beeche, Ekaterina Dimieva and Blair McLeod. Spanning photography, video, painting and drawing, the exhibition examines each artist’s contemplation of the internalisation of emotional and psychological states within the external, physical spaces of our existence.

Ekaterina Dimieva’s new paintings explore the concept of difference and repetition, complexity and chaos, and the state of becoming.  In one sense a reflection of the multiplicity in the world around us, Dimieva’s paintings also generate their own multiplicity, evolving within their own worlds, through the materiality of the paint.  Hints of fauna, landscape and physical space appear and disappear in the works within suggested organic forms and the hyper saturation and confidence of Dimieva’s fluid brush marks.

Paradise Island, 600 x 500 mm, oil on canvas

Midnight, 600 x 500 mm, oil on canvas

Mountain Love, 600 x 500 mm, oil on canvas

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